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Back somersault from the place

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The starting position and jump are the same as in the above temperature.
Performance. Pupil jumps up, slightly deflecting body back, grouped, throws her head back, causing the body gets the rotational movement makes coup in the air and came to his feet with her hands raised

Заднее с места


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Curbet consists of two parts. The first part – the transition from the feet to the hands, the second part – the transition from hand to foot. The second part – the transition from hand to foot – should be studied first, since it is less complex and, in addition, includes a component to some other acrobatic exercises.

The second part of curvet .
Performance. Apprentice with a push becomes a handstand . Designating a handstand , it slightly lowers the entire rack ( ie, the body with the feet ) , as though he would go with her ??to the floor. Then , a little prognuv body at the waist and both legs bent at the knees, he abruptly straightens the leg at the same time repelled by direct hands on the floor and slightly bending your body gets to his feet with their hands up .

Note . On learning of this exercise, you should pay particular attention .


The first part of curbet .
Original position. Standing, hands free, stress-free omitted at the seams , legs slightly apart , feet parallel .
 Disciple making small squat while taking out his hands before him ,
slightly lifting your heels off the floor. Free stroke unstrained hands down for himself, at the same time dramatically tilting the body down , a sharp jerk of both legs straight student puts his hands on the floor and goes into a handstand .
Notes. 1. Note the swing arms ( for myself ) when the hand is tilted down body rise as high as possible , and at a push to reach for a body in the rack.
2 . Hands on the floor to put in place the initial position of the feet .
Coming in a handstand , the student performs the second part of curbet described above. When connecting both parts in one movement turns full curvet . Full curvet is an independent exercise and is usually performed at a pace several times.
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Acrobatics (wheel)

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Coup side ( wheel )
Original position. Pupil becomes sideways to the direction of motion (in this case, it takes the wheel to the left ), legs apart a little more than shoulder width , arms raised and extended upwards and at a distance of a little wider than your shoulders , palms facing forward.

Performance. Tilting the body and arms to the right , a student at the same time raises the left leg up , making the swing , then puts his left foot on the ground at the same time shifting the center of gravity on it with his right foot . A wave of his hand and a sharp bending of the body from right to left , he put his left hand on a straight line on the floor
the left leg. Touching the ground with his left hand , he pushed his left foot off the ground and makes a sweep right foot straight from the bottom up , then put his right hand on the left line across the width of the shoulders and across the Stoics on the hands shifts the center of gravity of the left hand to the right . Touching the ground with his right hand , left hand pushes the student of gender, push the right arm , bending the body , it becomes the first to land on the right and then the left foot and takes a starting position

Acrobatics (wheel)

Note . This exercise simulates the rotation like spokes of a wheel . Should pay attention to the body , which should be straight, without bending at the waist . Hands all the time with your feet to