Soap Bubble Show Training

Do you want to create your own unique repertoire and learn how to put your skills into practice? Would you like to devote your life to creativity and turn your hobby into a profession? Take part in our workshop and fulfill your dream. The best will be invited to join our international team

In class, we go through the theory of bubble shows and a lot of practice. For each student, the practice is continuous. While I am engaged in one of the students, the rest practice the tricks I have shown myself.
There is also time for discussion during the training.

The purpose of the course is to consider all the elements of the bubble show, work out all the tricks and exercises, create a plan for the artist’s further development.
In this course, we do not compose your number, we do not select music and image for you. I give you only technique and theoretical guidelines.

Questions to which we will answer:

How to create your own adult and children’s program?
What to do with a suit?
What equipment do you need?
How to create your portfolio? Where to place it?
How to sell yourself more expensive?

The theoretical part of the program:

What is a soap bubble act and how to build a show for different age categories?
Adult program. How to build a number? What will be the interactive part?
Children’s program. Features of children’s interactivity. Different types of show programs. Theatrical shows, birthday, a large event in a kindergarten or school.
Where to start creating your number? What style?
Where to place your portfolio.
What ads to do for bubble shows?
Do you need a website? What to place on it?

The practical part of the program:

Learning to make bubbles with your hands
Learning to fully work with smoke and fire
Learning basic skills without props
Tricks with simple 10 and 20 cm rackets. Using rackets individually, in pairs and as part of complex tricks
We work with a small bubble maker
Learning to do spectacular stunts with a volcano racket
Learning to use street props indoors and outdoors (in summer)
We work on a light table. We make basic designs. We use smoke and fire to work on a light table
Learning to do spectacular tube stunts without using a light table
Learning to make helium filled bubbles

So that you don’t forget anything – I will add you to the closed group of my students and we will continue to study and share experiences. The best of you will receive orders from our agency and participate in our shows

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